Friday, January 6, 2012

Free Digital Scrapbook Paper - Vintage Printables

Free Vintage Printable Images

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300 dpi
High resolution jpg

Perfect for Digital Scrapbook Backgrounds...


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Rachel Rose Mercantile said...

Thank you so much! The prints are so pretty!

kcli said...

An ah-ha moment!!! I knew your stuff looked familiar and appealed to my style. If you are vendor 94 in booth 96, then yes, I did purchase several items from your shop when I was visiting (from Denver) last spring including...a wooden perpetual calendar with 2 sweet birds attached, cowboy sheet music book, thank-you cards... If this isn't you, feel free to delete. What a small world to stumble upon your blog! I love your goodies and wish you much success in 2012. ;-)

Stampindamour said...

@kcli - I love those, "Wow, what a small world" moments! I'm so glad you found some goodies in my booth! I have added a 2nd booth, if you are visiting the Phoenix area again...I'll also be a vendor at the NEW second location Brass Armadillo that opens in late February too. :)


sjmcdowell said...

So excited that I found you!!
I have a booth in an Antique Mall here in Georgia. My friend and I have become partners. So excited to learn what others are doing.
Also My in-laws live in Phoenix, AZ. I will be visiting them this coming would love to come and visit your booth!!

Thank you so much for the fantastic images too! :)

Hugs and Smiles,


Stampindamour said...

Thanks Susan! It's neat to see what other Dealers are doing in their booth around the country. Let me know when you come visit!

-pamela :)

Caroline said...

Wow, what an amazingly generous thing you do!!! So glad I found your blog. Shame I don't have a printer but will save for future....
Thank you :)