Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I wanted to share some 
exciting NEWS with you!

I will be opening my NEW little
Paper Arts store later this month...

It's located near Surprise, AZ...
The far NW part of the Phoenix area.

There is no indie Paper or
Scrapbook Store in that 
area of town at all...
{Just a chain craft store...}
Creative people need their pretty papers! LOL!
It's called, "The Paper Collage"...
It will be open every Friday
starting March 29th...

Would you like a little tour?
Here is the check-out area:
I needed some studio and 
work space outside my home ...

So, it was a great idea to lease some
office space to work from!
Hubby LOVED that idea too! LOL!
My good friend Dawn suggested 
that I have a small retail area
and offer workshops! GREAT idea! ♥

This vintage gesso frame will make a perfect display!

Getting stuff into place...

I had intended to put paper samples on this
shelf, but VINTAGE stuff looks so much better!

I have a weakness for OLD suitcases 
and use them for displays all the time
in my booth at 
The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall...
This one looks GREAT in the NEW store!

Table of glitter things and pretty papers...

Some stamp sets...
I found a few leftover Stampindamour 
clear stamps, I might need to start creating some
again to sell in my NEW store...and online too!

Pretty paper journals...

I'm still getting set-up...I'll post MORE
photos soon, so you can see the whole shop
and the displays...and pretty papers too!

What do ya think so far? ♥

My OTHER little PAPER store at 
called, "Phoenix Scrapbook Store"
{Come visit if you are in the Goodyear area!!!}
OPEN 9am-9pm ~ 7 days a week

I also maintain their FB page 
and Pinterest boards for them too, 
which I just LOVE doing!!!

As you can tell, I like to stay busy! LOL!

Thank-you for stopping by!!!